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Our Projects:

Origins of sound projects generally start with music.
create tracks together or help artists with music they already created.

We start from writing, gathering musicians to record, until mixing,
shooting video clips and interviews of the artists to promote their work.

We also wish at some point to start performing together, offering shows with a beautiful variety and soul.

From all the material and beautiful life moment we gather and capture on the camera, we self-produce a
web documentary serie telling the story of our movement.

We see in globalisation and technology a chance to create a movement where modernity and tradition can meet, and from the mix of all cultures, new ideas can grow in a way it never could before.

We share our creativity and ideas as well as our production and communication tools.
We believe in Solidarity, honesty and simplicity.
We trust discution and
collaboration more than hierarchy.

We gladly use and share our network according to people and projects needs.

We provide technical and artistic assistance to all our members.

Most of all we believe in people, tolerance and art. This is why we make a step towards our friends and propose
a new vision of music and arts industry.

What OOS beleives

OOS web Documentary Serie

While and in order to find new inspirations and collaborators, Origins of sound people travel the world and document their adventures.

We show the meeting of cultures, the process of creating music, and the birth of a musical movement.

In this web documentary, we follow our musicians to their roots country.

The idea is simple:

One Episode, one country, one music track.

But on the way the story gets more and more intersting..

It feels like our new track needs an intervention from our Egyptian saxophonist,

advice from our Braazilian orchestra conductor, the sharp beat of our Israeli drummer..

The music starts to show us a path.

And the collective is growing, people start to get involved and take initiatives, as we travel towards them, they start to travel toward us.

People meet in Paris, Tel Aviv, Cairo..

more coming soon..

Teaser (old)

Music and Clips

Tracks and videos you can find on this page are not final.

The purpose of this page is to show the current projects we are working on to our members.

Everyone can have a global vision of the work in progress, give their opinion, and propose their help on specific tasks.

Under each video you can find a description telling at which step of production we currently are.

Pasa por aqui
You know I care for you
Man is on Fire

Sharing unfinish work inside our community (including potential producers) is a important aspect of our philosophy.

It creates an opportunity to receive precious input and feedback during the creation process.

It is also the best way to raise everyone's experience with our progressive and collective methods.

This way people learn to see the potential of an idea since early stages of production and become more familiar with considering the global aspect of a project in their personal work. 

Abe Niso
Down down down

Origins of Sound first track. Music in progress.

To do: Final Mix and Composition.

Insert footage with the new musicians.

with: Francois Essindi, Naima Lescene, Adi Bezait Adunia, Gilbert Trefzger, Anissa Altmayer, Sam Nordmann, Ilan Katchka, Eslam Moussa, Alain Boutillier, Adama OUedrago, Aurelien Fuentes, David Roubah, Noam Chojnowski, Eduardo Strausser.

Latest Mix

Origins of Sound first clip.

Post production in progress.

To do: Final effects and Compositing.

Color grading.

with: Francois Essindi Abakuya, Bebe vampire, David Roubah, Noam Chojnowski.

Test for alternative effects option.

Music Clip for Yali's track Down down down.

Ready to publish!

with: Yali Blankstein, Matan Raphael BM, David Roubah.

Origins of Sound next international clip.

Final mix in progress.

To do: Editing and color grading.

with:  Taka Kanzawa, Francois Essindi Abakuya, Adi Bezait Adunia, Naima Lescene, Ilan Katchka, Yoni Ohana, Eslam Moussa,  Gilbert Trefzger, Alice Young, Erik Alejandro Rodriguez, Anissa Altmayer, Prosper, Zaina, Emilie Batard, Noam Chojnowski, David Roubah, Josh Fooks, Sharar Golick, Thomas Chene.

Origins of Sound collaboration with Erik Ajejandro Rodriguez Aka Cimafunk,

Jao Eka and Marie Baran.

Final mix in progress.

To do: Final editing and color grading.

with:  Erik Alejandro Rodriguez, Jao Eka, Marie Baran, David Roubah.

Music performance by Wayne Tucker for Origins of Sound.


To do:

Final mix, Editing, post production.

with: Wayne Tucker, David Roubah, Noam Chojnowski.

Origins of Sound song project.

To do: Final voice Picking. Drums Fix, Color grading.

with:  Tal Shemesh, Gil Wallach, Inbar Abrami, David Roubah, Josh Fooks, Noam Chojnowski, Yael Chojnowski.

Tama Yo

Inbar Abrami performance for Origins of Sound.

To do:

short version composition and mix.

Final Editing, post production.

with: Inbar Abrami, David Roubah.

Preview for next Origins of sound song project

To do:

everything :)

with: Yali Blankstein, Tal Shemesh, Anissa Altmayer, Sam Nordmann, Alice youg, Lisa Baba, Chalotte Merlin, Noam Chojnowski,David Roubah, Eduardo Strausser, Naima Lescene.

You are fading

Origins of sound is an international artist collective gathering people from different cultures, art forms and skills.

Musicians, composers, sound ingeniers, singers, film makers, graphic designers, vfx artists, djs, vjs

are working together on a project based basis.

Members invest themselves the way they want

 or can.

We show all the process of creation, hoping to inspire more people to join us or do the same.
How do we grow from an ideal, which amazing people me meet on the way, and finally what make sense to us in
what is happening today.







This web Site only show the work in progress. For published projects, check our Facebook


Tel Aviv


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